Glow-In-The-Dark Bikes And Handlebar Hunting Trophies: The Best Cycling Gear Of 2014

A gift guide to six of the best bike products of 2014.

Cyclists, rejoice: Thanks to inventions like glow-in-the-dark bike frames and clip-on handlebar coffee holders, biking is safer, easier, and more stylish than ever. Here, six of the best products for design-snob cyclists that we came across in 2014.


The Lumen, A Glow-in-the-dark bike that could save your life

Little red lights affixed to a bike only do so much to make cyclists more visible to drivers at night. The Lumen is a bicycle that looks sleek and black during the daytime but lights up at night when hit by ambient light. San Francisco-based bike maker Mission Bicycle turned to Halo Coatings to create an entirely new painting process to give the Lumen the same effect as retro-reflective paint on a stop sign. You can buy a complete Lumen bike for $500 here; or purchase a retro-reflective wheel set for $360.

A Clip-On Cup Holder That Lets You Drink Coffee While Cycling

Unless you’re both a skilled juggler and a caffeine-addicted cyclist, it’s tough to hold a cup of coffee while biking. Swedish accessory company Bookman’s cup holder for a bike solves that problem: It’s shaped sort of like a chip clip, with two rings to hold the cup and a spring-loaded clamp to snap onto your handlebars. You don’t screw anything on, but rather squeeze the two rings together to open the clamp. The spring action is strong enough to keep a drink upright even while riding over rough streets. The Bookman coffee holder is available here for about $40.

A $1000 Bike Helmet That Looks Like Cornrows On Steroids

Cornrows? Brains? Multiplying challah bread? Whatever the inspiration, this helmet by Berlin-based design duo Bless is definitely more intriguing than the usual ugly plastic headgear. The “Bless Helmdo” will protect your head with what the brand’s website calls “fluffy lightweight nylon head braiding.” If you’re willing to fork over $1,069 to look like that chick from Alien vs. Predator, head to Creatures of Comfort.

The Most Hipsteriffic Hunting Trophies Ever, With Handle Bars For Antlers

In an amazing feat of out-hipstering the entire borough of Brooklyn, Vienna-based designer Andreas Scheiger upcycles old seats and handlebars into “vegan” hunting trophies for mounting on your wall that also double as hooks and bike racks. The sculptural pieces are available for $270 here.

A Bicycle Saddle That Doubles As A Lock

Seatylock looks deceptively like a normal bicycle saddle, but a 3-foot steel chain lock folds into it. When you take the seat off its post, the lock comes out, and it takes 30 seconds to secure your bike frame and seat to any pole or fixed object. This means that, unlike most bike locks, it’s not a pain to transport and can’t be forgotten at home. A universal adaptor means it’s compatible with any standard bike–it’s as easy as replacing your bike saddle–and can adjust to your preferred seat position. And it will be available in a range of colors for cyclists who like to turn their rides into fashion statements. Pre-order it here for $90.

An Homage To The Chicest Bicyclists of New York City

If your motives for riding a bike involve looking cute more than getting exercise or saving the environment, check out Brooklyn-based photographer Sam Polcer’s book, New York Bike Style. It features photographs of the five borough’s chicest cyclists, including musician David Byrne and members of Brooklyn’s Puerto Rico Schwinn Club. The book is available from Prestel for $20 here.


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