Behold: The Taco Emoji

Behold: The Taco Emoji

The taco emoji is nigh. In an update on its blog, the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit in charge of standardizing coding, announced 37 new emoji candidates that could–not definitely, but maybe!–be added to Unicode 8.0, which is due out in the middle of next year.

The consortium hedged in its post: “There are many possible emoji that could be added,” it notes, “but releases need to be restricted to a manageable number.”

Among the possibilities are new faces and zodiac signs (a crab, a “nerd face”) and “symbols of religious significance” (a mosque, a synagogue). The consortium then lists its “most popularly requested emoji,” which include, in no specified order:

  • Hot Dog
  • Taco
  • Burrito
  • Bottle with popping cork
  • Popcorn
  • Turkey
  • Unicorn face
  • Cheese wedge

Separate campaigns have been underway to make the hot dog and taco part of emoji parlance, yet the taco illustration was the only one included in the post, which we’ll take as a sign that the Unicode Consortium is listening. Emoji–for smiley-face or sad-face–are in our language for the long haul.

Even the smiling poop.CG