The 8 Best Podcasts For Business-Savvy Listeners

Need some inspiration as you wind down 2014? Put these podcasts in your ears already.

The 8 Best Podcasts For Business-Savvy Listeners
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A new year inspires many business professionals and entrepreneurs to step up their game, either by learning new strategies, setting bigger goals for the year ahead, or making sure they are staying relevant in their industry.


Podcasts are a great way to develop your professional skills by learning new strategies while also staying up to date on what is happening in the business and marketing world.

According to the Washington Post, podcasts are experiencing a resurgence, likely because of their portability–they can be listened to in the car, during work, or even while exercising–and variety of topics and experts.

The fact that the large majority is free has also inspired a new generation of listeners to start downloading them regularly again. The following are a few podcasts that have great content, are useful for a variety of different industries, and are updated regularly.

1. Entrepreneur on Fire

One of the most popular podcasts online today, Entrepreneur on Fire is run by John Lee Dumas and has a new episode every day. Besides offering a great selection of experts and topics that are applicable to any entrepreneur, Dumas is also completely transparent about his monthly earnings, which many of his fans and listeners use to motivate their own strategies and goals for the New Year and beyond.

2. HBR IdeaCast

According to its website, “The HBR IdeaCast is our weekly audio podcast, bringing you the analysis and advice of the leading minds in management.” The Harvard Business Review has long been known as a leading resource for business news and research, and this weekly podcast doesn’t disappoint: past guests include Eric Schmidt from Google, Harvard professors, biologists, and more. Even though their site requires a membership fee to read some articles, their podcast is currently free.

3. Marketing Smarts

This podcast is by MarketingProfs, a leading marketing blog and education organization. It takes place every Wednesday and usually features one expert (and the host, Kerry O’Shea Gorgone) covering a specific niche topic for 30 minutes. Marketing Smarts is a useful podcast because they choose to tackle specific issues each episode, making it extremely useful and packed with actual advice for listeners that can be immediately implemented.


4. The $100 MBA

The $100 MBA is a daily podcast that promises to help listeners “get better at business with our daily 10 minute business lessons for the real world.” Host Omar Zenhom promises “no fluff” content with industry experts that are there to specifically educate listeners on topics in business, marketing, technology, and more.

5. The Entrepreneur’s Radio Show

This podcast focuses on guests that are self-made millionaires or highly successful entrepreneurs, with the thought that high-level experts will help listeners grow their own businesses. Recent topics include creating an emotional experience for your customers, growing a thriving brand, and harnessing ingenuity.

6. BBC Business Daily

If you are looking for a daily podcast that focuses on global news that is impacting business, BBC Business Daily is a great resource. This podcast examines the big issues facing the global economy, demystifies the world of money and common business news and trends, and provides a daily update of world business news from various BBC staff members.

7. The Wall Street Journal on Small Biz

For U.S. business news with a small business focus, the Wall Street Journal on Small Biz podcast is every Tuesday and usually focuses on three or four different but related topics per episode. Past episode topics have included lying on a resume, using sports logic in business and the most tax-friendly states for small businesses. The topics throughout each episode flow together, but provide enough variety to keep the listener’s attention.

8. Duct Tape Marketing

This marketing and referral selling podcast by expert John Jantsch usually happens two or three times per month and focuses on a specific book or expert each episode. John’s unique mixture of content on sales and marketing is useful to any business professional, and the techniques discussed are actionable without being overwhelming.

One of the allures of listening to podcasts, as mentioned by The Myndset, is that there are a variety of formats and lengths that work well no matter what you are doing. Waiting in line or going grocery shopping is great for 10- to 15-minute episodes and long workouts or time spent commuting to and from work is great for 30- to 90-minute talks. No matter what free time you have each day, listening to these podcasts can help you get reach your professional and personal goals.


Sujan Patel has championed internet marketing and entrepreneurship for over a decade. His experience, ideas and strategies have helped 100s companies build and strengthen their businesses online. Sujan is the VP of Marketing at thisCLICKS, the makers of When I Work, an employee scheduling software solution for small businesses.

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