When Tiny Burritos Aren’t Enough: Welcome To A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving With Tiny Pumpkin Pies

From the people who brought you a tiny hamster stuffing its cheeks to max capacity with teeny burritos, comes a new video just in time for the holidays. Presenting, for your procrastinating viewing pleasure, “A Tiny Hamster Thanksgiving.”

Since episode one of its series, YouTube channel Hello Denizen, operated by ad agency Denizen Company, has treated us to the best birthday party none of us were invited to and pitted their insatiable hamster against legendary competitive eater Takeru Kobayashi.

But now all the little guy wants to do is relax and celebrate Thanksgiving with his mouse and rabbit buddies. Never have his cheeks bulged so adorably, this time with pumpkin pie. And for this, we are truly thankful.