• 11.19.14

Playstation Teams Up With The New York City Ballet For A Victory Dance

The pirouette meets the PS4 in this new Sony campaign.

The odds anyone ever wondered why there isn’t more crossover between video games and ballet, are about as high as some n00b getting to Prestige Mode in one sitting. But in a new campaign, Sony and agency BBH New York enlisted the New York City Ballet to compose some serious moves for Playstation.


As strange as it might seem, the connection between gaming and ballet isn’t completely out of the blue. After crushing a friend or rival in a video game,you may shower them with trash talk that insults everything from their t-shirt to their ancestral lineage. Or maybe you toss a half-eaten Hot Pocket at the side of their head. Or perhaps you celebrate your win and general gaming dominance in dance. To help find the best victory dance in the world, the brand asked some of the best classical dancers in the world to interpret six different gaming genres, including soccer, football, outer space, war and a heist. Each spot starts off with classic ballet moves that then morphs into the kind of over-the-top strut typically reserved for end zones and the privacy of your own home. It’s definitely more Nutcracker than Need for Speed.

While they’ve shown us how the pros do it, Playstation is asking gamers to submit their own victory dances on Instagram with the tag #PS4dancecontest for a weekly chance to win a free PS4 until December 12th.

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