If You Love Snapchat, Shopping And Insanity, This Wacky Snapcash Video Is For You

When we think of digital payments, it’s generally a pretty serious business. Like figuring out if you can go a week on nothing but Apple Pay.

But how about a trippy Broadway-like number starring an old man in a tuxedo who looks like a cross between the Monopoly man, Santa Claus and that dude with beard-dreads on the corner yelling about the end of the world? That’s how Snapchat unveiled its new Snapcash feature, which enables users to send each other money through the app, thanks to a partnership with Square.

We meet two siblings buying a gift for mom. As the sister goes to send her brother her half of the price tag, she goes down what appears to be an LSD-induced wormhole of happy music, sequins, dancing and relevant digital payment information.

It’s weird, it’s quirky, but might just be perfect for the Snapchat demographic. And chances are its insanity won’t disappear from your brain in a few seconds.JB