Instead Of Buying These High-End Jeans, Lease Them

In the circular economy, products are designed to be re-used, not thrown away, and the emphasis is on leasing or renting things instead of owning them. A good example of the philosophy: Bert van Son’s “Lease A Jeans” business from Holland (which we first covered here). For 5.95 euros a month ($7.40), you can rent some high-end denim slacks, and use a free repair service as necessary. After a year, you can either return the jeans, keep them, or swap them for something else.

Mud Jeans recycles everything it takes in, either to produce new pairs of jeans, sweaters, or hoodies. It also leases two types of shoulder bags. Van Son says the model reduces waste, cuts material costs, and reduces pollution.

The company’s newest line is Dry Mud jeans, made from 30% recycled denim and 70% organic cotton. Check out the Kickstarter here.

“The idea favors usage over ownership, tapping into a new consumer philosophy,” writes Van Son in an email. “It’s about being on trend without ever actually owning clothes.”

The new product is manufactured in Italy and comes with no leather badges or polyester labels. Information about the jeans is printed with an ecological ink, making recycling easier when the time comes.

Having trialled the concept in the Netherlands, Van Son wants to introduce the concept in the U.S. and elsewhere.

“We need to find American manufacturers, so that all of the products can be part of the local economy and continue to be as sustainable as possible,” he writes. “We like to call it ‘Mud Recycle Hubs’ and hope to have them all over the world in the future.”BS