Today in Tabs: Uranus Might Be Full of Tabs

Pull up a Kandy Kale chip and Tab This.

Today in Tabs: Uranus Might Be Full of Tabs

Atlantic Media’s Cameroon-based anti-sharing site This period dot cm went into public beta today. This period dot cm, named after a Twitter convention that has already been lampooned to death is a site where members are prevented from sharing all but one of the interesting links they see every day. The site’s other innovative counter-viral measures include a name that is impossible to Google and a design that pays clever homage everyone’s first Ruby on Rails project, advances which took at least six months to develop. Early users are already hailing it as “a potential Ello-killer!”


Reddit’s CEO Yishan Wong resigned unexpectedly because the board wouldn’t agree to move the Reddit offices to Daly City. Sam Altman popped his CEO collar for a week but former bizdev head Ellen Pao will now step into the role as interim-or-maybe-permanent -if-she-seems-cool-or-whatevs CEO. In a statement, the Reddit board assured the public that this executive reshuffling will in no way compromise Reddit’s commitment to being the ‘net’s worst festering garbage pile.

Early Intern Tab today because Bijan’s got a great pair for us!

Wait, no I mean–


Paper Magazine is having an extraordinary week. First there was the butt; now, Julie Klausner got them @Dril. This is a coup, and not only because the tab is hilarious.

For those who don’t know, Dril is essentially the ur-Weird Twitter account: whoever’s behind it is mysterious and hilarious in roughly equal measure. Which is to say: If you’re not already, follow it now. We’ll wait.

While we’re waiting, read the wonderfully talented former guest-Tabber Jaya Saxena in Daily Dot, on the intersection of dad humor and Weird Twitter:

[…] the dream of the dad is someone who has stopped giving a fuck about all that. Someone who is the model of how not to try, how to just be, who doesn’t understand why you’d make fun of him for wearing socks with sandals, who makes you the weird one for thinking it’s an issue.

Today’s lesson? Get weird.

Dril is literally the only good thing about weird Twitter. Also, for the record, I do not wear socks with sandals.

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Re/TAB: WashPo on Shingy points out that AOL is still making money from internet service subscribers! Talib Kweli Greene responds to Piers Morgan: “Nigga? Please.John Cook to head Gawker’s “first executive-level, meta-level team.” My levels! Serial: Catching Fire. Roxane Gay on that dumb Time poll. Platishing starts to collapse. Was Kim ‘shopped? Spoiler: yes definitely, come on, everything is a hoax.

And they were singing: byeeee bye Netflix public API

I was chasin’ after JSON but the river’s run dry
And them good old boys better have put catch() after try(),

or this’ll be the day that they die()


Potatoes are legit sexy and I will fight anyone who says otherwise.

Today in Email: Colin Lecher at The Verge FOIAed the FCC’s internal emails about John Oliver’s net neutrality segment, and they’re funny but also check out how fast this FOIA response showed up! Dang. Buzzfeed is banned from WHO info because, you know, not emailing someone is a valid punishment right? PR emailers: just don’t.

#ff: Mara Wilson is interesting and funny and a hell of a good writer and also great at Twitter.

Headline of the Day:Uranus might be full of surprises


Today’s Song: Lorde, “Ladder Song” (leaked)


~But February made me shiver, Despite the hot takes I deliver…~

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