The Upside Of Negative Thoughts, Listing Successes, And Shutting Up: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

This week we talked about our feelings and why even the bad ones are good for us, stopped talking to up our negotiating game, and told companies what they should fix and why they need us.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of November 10.

1. What Happened When We Created Daily Lists Of Our Successes

When we journaled all the positive accomplishments we experienced at the end of each day, we hoped the exercise in positivity would help us relieve some stress. We ended up experiencing that and so much more.

2. 4 Habits Of Good Listeners

The first step to being a good listener: stop talking. The rest of the steps will take a little more strategizing, but it’s worth the effort for the advantage in negotiating you’ll get in return.

3. The Positive Results Of Being Negative

Negative thinking may not be as bad as we’ve been led to believe. From avoiding failure to being a good team player, experts questioning our relentless pursuit of happiness show how a lot of good can come of being a curmudgeon.

4. What You Should Write Instead Of Another Cover Letter

How could sending anything to hiring managers with the word “pain” in it be a good idea? Shouldn’t we be sending cover letters that only highlight the positive things? You could do this, or you could show companies your value by explaining how you can help alleviate some of their biggest problem areas with a “pain letter.”

5. Why You Don’t Need To Know How To Code To Start A Tech Company

Have an idea for a tech company, but lack the programming skills to build it? No problem. These days you don’t need to be the one with your hands on the keyboard writing code.