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Take A Virtual Test Drive With Volvo And Google Cardboard

The teams up with Google and an Oscar-winning VFX shop so you can drive the new XC90 with your phone.

Take A Virtual Test Drive With Volvo And Google Cardboard

Oculus Rift and virtual reality in general have both consumers of entertainment and marketers salivating over the potential of immersive media. While brands are advised to proceed with caution and a clear reason for entering this space, it’s pretty clear this will be a bonanza for marketers, and one can see how automakers in particular will be interested in utilizing the technology.

Case in point, Volvo’s new app Volvo Reality–see what they did there?–made with agency R/GA, Academy Award-winning VFX shop Framestore and Google Cardboard to give curious drivers a virtual taste of what it’s like behind the wheel of the new XC90. The app will be unveiled officially at the Los Angeles Auto Show, as well as in the App Store and Google Play, on November 18th. It’s the first of a trilogy called “Friday Getaway,” that starts in an open field, takes you up into the mountains, and ends looking up at a star-filled sky.

Unlike most test drives where you’re simultaneously trying to, you know, drive, evaluate the car, plot your price negotiating strategy and make awkward small talk with the super peppy salesperson sitting in the backseat, via the VR experience, you can look all around the car, admiring the stereo, seats and interior styling while not driving off the mountain road and plummeting to certain death. An obvious advantage over the real deal.

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