• 11.12.14

Samsung Might’ve Just Made The Best/Worst Rap In Corporate HR History

The tech giant puts stats to song to hype its diversity and accessibility programs for employees.

Samsung Might’ve Just Made The Best/Worst Rap In Corporate HR History

You’d think by now there would be no marketers in even the most remote reaches of the globe that don’t know and understand the pitfalls of the earnest, brand-inspired song. Has David Brent taught you nothing? Did Bank of America’s “One” actually touch the heart of your inner banker? Music and the workplace, as a general rule, should never mingle. Especially on video.

Samsung, one of the most expertly marketed brands on the planet, at least when it comes to its phones, has now released a rap video inspired by its latest sustainability report and HR stats. The company enlisted Korean rapper Mad Clown to perform artistic blasphemy and commit to rhyme some of the policies the company’s most proud of.

Samsung, we 280,000 humans
40 percent 112,000 women
You don’t have to worry after giving birth
Sit back, relax, no need to work
It’s all taken care of
Leave it up to us
Family friendly company
With kindergarten

It leaves one speechless, and actually makes the idea of a sitcom about a Samsung employee look like a good idea.

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