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Tidy Cats Gives Stressed Out People Some Serious Kitten Therapy

If the Internet’s taught us anything, it’s that life is a lot more relaxing with kitties.

Stress is a serious thing that affects everyone’s life. There are a rainbow of organic and pharmaceutical treatments. Drugs, exercise, and artistic pursuits are used as outlets to relieve stress. But Purina’s Tidy Cats brand knows that there’s another thing that can help. Kittens. Lots of kittens.

The brand, with Rainn Wilson’s media shop Soul Pancake, plopped a glass box in a Los Angeles park and invited people to step in to attend a free guided meditation session. Then behold, The Kittening.

Is using perhaps the Internet’s most powerful hit bait taking the easy route? Perhaps. But when your product is actually for cats, you just thank your lucky stars and pimp out those cute little kitties as often as possible.

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