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New Video Proves That Even Princess Leia Gets Harassed When She Walks Down The Street In New York City

Maybe especially Princess Leia.

Street harassment is a serious issue, but it’s inspired a lot of clever videos, too. A few weeks ago, iHollaback.org released a video that followed a woman walking down the street for 10 hours in New York City showed the parts of the world that aren’t already well aware of it how many times men approach a strange woman to tell her to smile, or that she’s beautiful, or to otherwise confirm that she’s primarily interesting to them as a sexual object. Since then, a variety of parody videos have been released.

Some of those videos have been clever and further examined the issues at play: The one that had a straight white dude walking down the street receiving praise, networking opportunities, high-fives, and footballs thrown his way was on-point. Others have been focused more on drawing funny mustaches on something that’s in the public eye at the moment (a video, say, that mocks hipsters in Austin, Texas). But the latest one does just a little bit of both–while also going for that all-important Star Wars fan market.

“10 Hours Of Princess Leia Walking In NYC” is basically what it sounds like: A woman dressed like Princess Leia in the first Star Wars movie, complete with cinnamon bun hair and white dress, strolls around New York and is approached by various Star Wars characters. Lando Calrissian and Han Solo come on to her hard, providing an unexpected reminder of how even the heroic dudes in Star Wars could be kinda sleazy, while various non-sequiturs (and a Darth Vader lightsaber/boner joke) fill out the rest of the two-minute run-time of the video. It’s mostly an empty, if funny, gag, but it’s also a decent reminder that sexual harassment can be a problem to women everywhere–even in a galaxy far, far away.

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