Taylor Swift Teams With Amex To Turn “Blank Space” Into A Mobile Game

Taylor Swift is an artist. She’s a seven-time Grammy Award winner. She’s a powerful business and brand. And now, she’s a video game. Well, sort of.

Timed with the release of her new single “Blank Space,” the artist has teamed with American Express and Radical Media to develop a 360-degree immersive music video app. A more interactive installment of American Express’ Unstaged concert series, the game gives fans the chance to follow along with the video and explore six different rooms within it by moving their phone or tablet and tapping more than 40 different elements in the video, including a coffee table book full of never-before-shared personal photos of Swift’s youth.

Given the story and setting of “Blank Space,” it’s a bit like being awkwardly stuck on your friend’s couch as they scream and fight at their significant other, except this time it’s in an awesome house with an international pop star.

The app’s available in the App Store and Google’s Play Store.JB