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This Drunk-Driving PSA Is The Least Danceable Use Of Kool & The Gang Ever

New PSA marks 50 years of anti-drunk driving campaigns with a powerful not-quite celebration of the resulting statistics.

The first drunk-driving PSA aired in the U.K. in 1964. Since then, the efforts of the government and other organizations have had a significant societal effect. The number of deaths tied to drunk driving has gone from 1,640 a year to just 230. Factoring in that the number of licensed cars has tripled to 35 million and it’s even more impressive. But not quite worth celebrating.

This new PSA, from agency AMV BBDO London and directed by Mark Zibert, shows emergency responders and hospital staff singing Kool & The Gang’s hit “Celebration.” It’s a hard-hitting juxtaposition, hearing a song generally known more for dance floor epics and karaoke fun over life-threatening car accidents. It ends with just the kind of gut-punch moment we’ve come to expect from the best PSAs aiming to impact people’s behavior.

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