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Mulberry Turns Christmas Morning Into A Cutthroat Competition

It’s actually not the thought that counts, but who gives you the best gift.

The Christmas season is about giving. It’s about making those around you smile, reminding people just what they mean to you and stocking up on a year’s worth of good vibes and sweet emotions. That, or proving our own self-worth by seeing who can collect the biggest pile of expensive gifts.

Luxury brand Mulberry gives us a look at one posh family’s yuletide tradition of cutt-throat Christmas morning gift competition for the affection of one woman. In the ad, by agency adam&eveDDB–the same folks behind John Lewis’ Christmas feelings-maker–we watch as sister, mom, boyfriend and, finally, grandma are all locked in a competition so high stakes that it actually crosses, ever so briefly, into the supernatural.

It’s enough to both bemoan the holiday’s swan dive into crass commercialism and wish you had a thoughtful family just like this one.

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