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Let The “Girls” Season 4 Trailer Wash Away The Latest Lena Dunham Controversy

It looks like “Girls” season 4 moves the action from New York to… Iowa?

Let The “Girls” Season 4 Trailer Wash Away The Latest Lena Dunham Controversy

Last weekend was probably not the best weekend of Lena Dunham’s entire life. Some strongly right-leaning websites seized on a passage from Dunham’s recent memoir, citing it as proof that Dunham behaved sexually inappropriately with her sister when they were both children. Sorting through the details of this whole kerfuffle is exhausting, depressing, and insensitive to the actual victims of child abuse. Now that this non-story has finally lost steam, it’s a perfect time for Dunham to roll out the trailer for the fourth season of her show, Girls, as a palette cleanser.

As last we left Dunham’s character, Hannah Horvath, she was headed to an Iowa grad school for its prestigious writers workshop. After three seasons of New York-centered eccentricity, the show seemed like it could benefit from a locational shake-up, and just the mere sight of Andrew Rannells’ Elijah yelling “I love Iowa!” in this trailer confirms this suspicion. Elsewhere, Shoshanna is having trouble adjusting to the working world, Adam is having trouble with his long-distance relationship, and the rest of us are having trouble remembering the latest Lena Dunham Controversy in light of this reminder of why she inspires so much scrutiny in the first place.

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