See Posters For “Blade Runner 2054” And Other Movie Sequels That Never Were

Cinematic sequels are good money. Since the first release of Die Hard, Fast and Furious, Batman and now, even Toy Story (number 4 is coming in 2017), Hollywood has created an almost laughable, yet more sad number of follow up films. The sequels aren’t always good; in fact, they’re often pretty terrible. And yet we keep buying tickets. But why?

Sequel, a new exhibit at gallery and production studio iam8bit in Los Angeles, poses this very question. The show features more than 40 works depicting movies sequels that never happened. These include The Goonies, Backaroo Banzai, Willy Wonka, Blade Runner, and Fight Club. Many of the films have been updated for their future release dates. In 2084, Proles must demonstrate their devotion to the state by “liking” Big Brother. And 15-year-old Sarah of Labyrinth is all grown up in Labyrinth 2: Return of the Goblin King. At least that’s what her cleavage implies.

Barbarella 2 by Ashley Wood

The cynical take on an exhibit like Sequel is that we swallow whatever Hollywood feeds us. Or maybe the sequel phenomenon is more about our faith in the possibility of artistic greatness. When a brilliant movie captures our imagination, we don’t want it to end–ever. We never give up hope that this time, the seventh Star Wars or the sixth Rocky will bring us that longed-for magic. Sequel runs from November 13-23.JM