This Supercut Of Fake Ads From Movies Is Better Than Some Of The Movies Involved

Advertising is such a pervasive force in our lives that even our escapist fantasies have ads in them. A new supercut of fake ads from movies, created by Screen Junkies, shows the variety of approaches different filmmakers take to recreate the marketing mechanism.

Martin Scorsese films appear twice in the video, showing off the director’s facility with period detail in local spots for Maury’s Wig Emporium in Goodfellas (RIP Maury!), and Jordan Belfort’s Straight Line in The Wolf of Wall Street. Of course, the opposite of these vintage spots is also represented with ads from the future, like those of Prometheus’Weyland Industries.

Some of the ads are for real brands, like the Subway subs Adam Sandler hits with a driver in Happy Gilmore, or the Beats pill Stanley Tucci hawks in Transformers 4. More often than not, they’re for fake products like Ghostbusters and Zalinsky’s Auto Parts, both of which feature Dan Aykroyd at different stages of his life.

Most dispiriting of all, though, is that the ad for Tropic Thunder character Alpa Chino’s energy drink, Booty Sweat, is immediately followed by an unbelievably grim turn from the real Al Pacino playing himself in a Dunkin Donuts spot from Jack and Jill. (“It’s not like you’re really doing a Dunkin Donuts ad at this point in your career, Big Dog,” Pacino thought while filming the movie. Actually, that’s exactly what he’s doing. And it’s the saddest (even if the actor was cited by critics as the highlight of the movie.)

Let us know what great fake ads were left out in the comments.

[h/t to Blame It on the Voices]