Here’s a Field Guide To The Unbearable Personality Types In Every Meeting

The last time YouTube stars Tripp and Tyler took aim at the corporate world, they spoke truth to the power of how much conference calls blow. Now, the pair are back to show that such business interactions are just as bad in person.

The new video, “Every Meeting Ever,” is basically a love letter to the idea of getting business problems solved over email. It begins with the opening of one of those blue-sky sessions where no answer can be wrong, but somehow many are. Either someone like The Negator works to figure out exactly why someone’s idea won’t work, or the inherent wrongness of that idea is self-evident. The different personality types that show up here should be heart-crushingly familiar to anyone who ever feels a little piece of themselves dying inside during the middle of a production post-mortem.

Half the reality-checking humor here comes from the creators bestowing titles unto each of the meeting’s participants. The Time Nazi keeps everyone on track, Ol’ Thin Skin takes everything too personally, and The Rambler offers ideas that can’t quite be articulated in human language. You get it. Of course, things get better and more true to life after we meet each of these different characters and see them all working together, at cross-purposes, to ensure that nothing gets accomplished at all. The only person missing is The Doodler, who is also in every meeting, and whose visible daydreams tend to capture the spirit of everybody in the room yearning to be elsewhere.

[h/t to 22 Words]JB