• 11.10.14

How A Former Diet Coke Addict Made A Big Splash Selling Healthy Water

Kara Goldin and her husband, Theo, built a $30 million beverage business, Hint Water. But their greatest feat? Lessons for their four kids.

Kara Goldin, CEO of the healthy, fruit-flavored water company Hint Water (slogan: drink water, not sugar), has already accomplished plenty. Along with her husband and company COO, Theo, she’s raised four kids. She’s also overcome gestational diabetes, and climbed the ladder as a one-time exec at AOL. But the thing she’s perhaps proudest of? “Teaching our two daughters that you can run a company that you’re passionate about,” and preparing her sons be great employees for female bosses. Find out how Kara and Theo juggle life, work, kids, and marriage, all while running a booming beverage business, in this week’s episode of Power Couples.