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Budweiser Is Releasing Olde Timey Shipping Crates And Vintage Labels For Christmas

Budweiser would like hipsters to ironically drink their crappy beer now.

Budweiser Is Releasing Olde Timey Shipping Crates And Vintage Labels For Christmas

Proving that the world is only a very thin marketing decision away from permanently becoming a Portlandia sketch, Budweiser is looking to appeal to the hipster set–but rather than trying to convince young people with a curatorial eye to drink their beer out of “because it sucks” irony (the way that, say, Keystone Light has attempted to horn in on the PBR market), they’re aiming to do it through the grand old tradition of “authenticity.”

What that looks like in the beer market is: Budweiser is shipping a limited number of vintage, handmade wooden crates (from North Carolina woodshop Vintage Editions) to retailers for the holidays. Each of the 10,000 crates are decorated with old-school Budweiser logos, and inside, they contain 18 bottles of the King of Beers, each of which wears a fancy throwback logo from either 1918 (when prohibition began), 1933 (when prohibition ended) or 1976 (when Budweiser turned 100 years old)–as well as a pair of Pilsner glasses, to more quickly allow the recipient to preserve the empty bottle on a shelf for some dirt-cheap home decor.

It remains to be seen if some ironic throwback logos are enough to convince the Williamsburg/Pearl District/East Austin/Logan Square crowd to drink beer from the corporate behemoth that is Budweiser, but we have to give their marketing department some points for trying.

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