Lowe’s New Vines Offer Up Actually Helpful DIY Tips In Six Seconds

For those of us not blessed with handy hands, getting DIY home improvement tips from friends or family can be a drag. You may get that garage door fixed cheaper than hiring someone else, but it often still comes with a price of condescension, insults, passive aggression and open mockery. And that Time Life series you got at the garage sale looks fantastic on your book shelf, but you are never breaking open “Working With Plastics.”

Thankfully, Lowe’s and agency BBDO New York have figured out a way to make home improvement easy, interesting and, perhaps most importantly, just six seconds long.

Obviously this isn’t Bob Vila-level expertise, but it’s a perfect use of the medium done in a fun and playful way. No one goes to Vine to rewire their fixer-upper, but while helpful to anyone, these speak loud and clear to a younger audience. Lowe’s previous DIY Vines have won some top industry honors, and provided the brand with an evergreen Vine format that’s only limited by the number of tips it can creatively illustrate.

You may never look at walnuts and mayonnaise the same again.