Today in Tabs: New Media in Chaos

Clash of the new media titans. Also, what’s for lunch?

Today in Tabs: New Media in Chaos
[Screenshots: via The Internet Archive]

Chaos in new media! “WHO WILL SURVIVE?” —Gawker. “It’s about to get ugly!” —Rafat Ali. “Shane Smith is a lying heap of drugs and dirty cash!” —Gawker again, sorry. “My new hobby is crushing writers with stacks of VC money!” —Jill Abramson. “More weight!” —Writers, probably. “Got dat Fusion money!” —Kevin Roose. “This is madness!” —Persian messenger. “THIS. IS. FUSION!” —Alexis Madrigal. “[Tim Herrera is] a fanatical hater of Thought Catalog!” —Thought Catalog. “Lol k. :thumbs-up-emoji:” —Washington Post. Taibbi goes back to Rolling Stone and Paul Carr demonstrates his amazing talent for being an off-putting prick even when he’s more or less right. “Cry more, Carr, cause we just scooped your ass so hard” —NYMag. “Is it lunch time yet?” —Michael Wolff


How good is the Serial podcast!? Will there be an answer? WILL there?? I bet not, but I don’t care. Herrman demolishes the John Oliver demolishes the internet video sweepstakes. Remember when Metafilter never went away and basically stayed great for 15 years and counting? Sweet’N Low put $1.3 million into an eBook that is also a lot of fake websites and a scavenger hunt for #brands or something? Alec Wilkinson profiles the founder of Modern Farmer for The New Yorker dot printmagazine and manages to quote only one ModFarm staffer (a dude) and bury all the recent drama amid weird dissociative lists of articles. (DISCLOSURE: Former ModFarm editor Reyhan Harmanci currently edits Tabs for syndication on Fast Company Labs, a top-tier destination for informative and engaging tech/business conte goddammit Reyhan would you stop I’m trying to disclose my conflict and subscribe to Fast Company in print now of interest here.)

Are you Queer? (Literally!) Do you want to destroy science fiction? (Figuratively!) Maybe submit to Lightspeed Magazine’s upcoming “Queers Destroy Science Fiction” issue!

Text file collector Jason Scott and The Internet Archive just released The Internet Arcade, which is a browser-playable archive of over 900 classic arcade games, and I promise it is not actually about ethics in gaming journalism.

Things 2 Read:

My Grandma the Poisoner: “…it wasn’t until my 30s that I connected all this and it dawned on me that sleeping for three days is not normal or OK, and that the only times I woke up in the middle of the night unable to breathe, I was at Grandma’s.

Up and Down: On Chairlifts and Ski Towns: “I remember the habitual reaching up and back to pull the restraining bar forward, the sensation of the cable being redirected by the bull wheel, like a train switching tracks. I remember the lonesome sound of the wind, suddenly audible when the chairlift paused…


Slack valued at over $1bn, and Stewart is faving tweets like a man with few worries lately. Run the Jewels’s all-cat remix album Meow the Jewels is funded and will happen. Lance Stephenson videobombs everything (big shout @imbeccable). Drone Boning (NSFW) is disappointingly not drones having sex. It’s the other thing. Google outgrows not being evil but Amanda Palmer is still the worst.


Cord Jefferson published a long, slow meditation today in Matter on kindness, his mother’s recent diagnosis, and how difficult it is to be brave. These are fraught topics on the best days, and here Jefferson’s writing is appropriately raw:

[My father] was also black, a fact that only served to augment the fissure in my mom’s relationship with her father. If leaving her husband had been a disappointment, subsequently falling in love with a “colored” man was outright treasonous. My grandfather immediately disowned my mother, telling her before she walked out of his modest Akron home for the last time, “I never want you in our lives again.” A few weeks later, at Christmas, my mother nonetheless decided to send some gifts to her father in an effort to show him that her love was unwavering. She returned home shortly thereafter to find all the presents sitting on her front porch. Attached was a note: “When I said never, I meant never.”

Do yourself a favor and read it. Then tell your loved ones how much you love them.

I have to admit I have not felt up to this one today. Enough people I trust have recommended it to confirm Bijan’s usually-suspect opinion, though.

Meanwhile, on Etsy: Egg sweaters

Today’s Song: Aphex Swift, “We Are Never Ever Getting Girl/Boygether” from this odd thing by David Rees

PS: Yes I heard about it. No I’m not going to mention it.


~Come; let us squeeze hands all round; nay, let us all squeeze ourselves into each other; let us squeeze ourselves universally into the very milk and tabs of kindness.~

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