The Most Polite App Ever

Shhhh is going to make notifications sane again.

The Most Polite App Ever

Notifications were fun, at first. Now it’s becoming a countless barrage of status updates, “breaking” news alerts, not to mention the texts and chats that keep your phone buzzing. Even regular websites are adapting push notification-style alerts. Short of shutting off your phone and missing everything, there is no escape.


Or is there? From Ilwon Yoon and Woonyong Choi, here’s Shhhh, “a mobile application that turns off all notifications and alarms to stay tuned with friends and family when we are spending time together.”

The app, which is still mostly a concept, allows you to manage a myriad of settings for all your various social media and phone notifications from a single control center. It offers a custom approach to individuals and the ways they try to contact you, modulating just how much you need to be left alone, by whom and for how long.

And, as a concept emphasizing the value of unplugged quality time with your loved ones, it does this in a very, very polite manner. Once you activate Shhhh, it will let you ignore your stream of notifications without offending anyone by responding to them for you.

The app can also be set to turn on automatically once it senses that your GPS coordinates nears those of your friends or family or your house, if that’s what you’d like.

Shhhh goes beyond a classic away message capability by guilting you softly for thinking about going back into your phone.

It even aspires to establish a certain etiquette made extinct with instant communication technology by letting you check if your Shhhh-ing friends are “available” or not.


Do you want to ignore a particular individual more than others? Shhhh lets you sets those parameters with timers. Go away, Jane.

It also rewards you for not being a dick. Finally.

Shhhh’s design is complete, and the development process is now underway. No word on when the beta will be available.

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