When Advertising Isn’t Fast Enough, You Need Reactvertising

With one tweet during the Super Bowl last year, Oreo not only made itself the envy of every brand on social media, it became the high-water mark for a surge in the mostly regrettable trend that is real-time marketing.

For every great example–Arby’s, Kit Kat, and Denny’s–there has been a waterfall of steaming social dung spewing from the various accounts of brands scrambling for some semblance of instant relevancy. Instead of creating their own stories, they leech on to events in news, entertainment and sports as they happen.

Agency John St. is a bit of an expert when it comes to industry trend-spotting. Look no further than ExFEARiential and Catvertising. Here the Toronto-based shop goes all-in with “Reactvertising.” All real-time, all the time.

“At first it was tricky. We’d spot something, come up with an idea and send it out,” says one creative. “But we learned pretty quickly it’s not about being funny or smart, it’s about being fast. So now we just write whatever pops into our heads.”

It’s brilliant satire that is packing plenty of truth behind the chuckles. Marketers take note: “With reactvertising, you’re not just borrowing interest, you’re creating the illusion your brand is actually interesting.”JB