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This Is What Your Favorite Horror Movies Would Be Like Starring Vince Vaughn And Owen Wilson

Two actors with spot-on Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn impersonations remake some of the all-time great horror movie villains, including Frankenstein, ghostface, Freddy and Jason.

Owen Wilson acts in movies with a soft, empathetic quality to his voice that makes everything he says sound like the male equivalent of vocal fry. Vince Vaughn tends to be more brusque, fast-paced, and authoritative. Although they’ve only headlined a couple times together, and even that short track record isn’t 100% sparkling, the pair have enough chemistry that you can see them running with it and working together for years to come. Just probably not in horror movies.

A new video that creeped online this week offers a crystal ball vision of what the future would be like if the duo of Wilson and Vaughn tried to remake classic horror villains. Created by Fandango’s YouTube channel, MovieClips Trailers, the video places two performers who have figured out just the right vocal tics to make up the fact that they look nothing at all like Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn. Over the course of a few clips, we see the two step into the mottled skin of Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein(‘s monster), and other favorites, all while playing up their typical guys-trying-to get-laid schtick. The tonal juxtaposition is enough to ensure that studio executives probably won’t ever let these guys quit their day jobs to explore horror possibilities.

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