• 10.31.14

Dizzee Rascal’s Halloween Music Video Is A Total Bloodbath

We’re talking machetes, hearts ripped out of chests, your basic nightmare.

With a beat that sounds cribbed from the iconic Halloween score, Dizzee Rascal’s new song “Couple of Stacks” is already rather menacing. Throw in a video filled with hacked-off heads and blood-drenched slickers and it becomes downright evil.


As a Halloween treat, the U.K. rapper premiered his latest video on Vice’s music site, Noisey, where it is set to run only throughout the weekend and then disappear forever. (As though anything on the Internet was not forever.) There’s a warning of graphic violence in the opening, and it is not in vain. Dizzee was a huge figure in the naughts grime scene, though he’s lately drifted more toward EDM, and so it’s fitting that he would produce a video so . . . grimy. Not since Tyler, The Creator and The Game battled it out in padded cells has a rap video gotten so vicious.

Directed by Emile Sornin, “Couple of Stacks” is a tribute to slasher films, but it also throws in a cornucopia of classically scary tropes. There’s a horny young couple, a spooky house, an evil child, masks on top of masks–your basic nightmare stuff. Since the video is supposed to disappear on Sunday at midnight, like a cinematic pumpkin coach, you’d better watch it now before it gets disappeared.

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