See EDM Superstar David Guetta’s New Video, Released Via Google Hangout

A partnership with G.H. Mumm champagne, “Dangerous” is a riot of racing, spraying bubbly and sexy pit crew ladies.

As we’ve seen in the last year, musicians are increasingly using unconventional methods to launch their new music and videos. Beyonce did it. Thom Yorke did it. Now it’s EDM star David Guetta’s turn.


Today, Guetta released the video for “Dangerous”, the second single from his upcoming album, Listen, via a Google Hangout. The video was earlier announced to Guetta’s over 57 million Facebook fans with a teaser video. The artist then used the Google Hangout as a way to connect with his fans, taking questions from them Google+ users.

“Dangerous”–created in partnership with G.H. Mumm champagne by agency My Love Affair and directed by Jonas Åkerlund–is a 7-minute mini-tale of sporting rivalry, spraying champagne and lots and lots of sexy ladies in extremely form-fitting and bejeweled pit-crew gear. As partnerships go, this one can only be described as exploding with synergy. Racing! Champagne! EDM! Ladies!

The plot: Guetta is a F1 racer who’s facing off against F1 driver Romain Grosjean and British actor/frenemy James Purefoy. Given that G.H. Mumm is the official champagne of Formula 1 racing the conceit makes sense. After much pre-race hubris and some serious throwing of shade, Guetta and JP take the track and put the pedal to the metal. Once atop the podium, Guetta sprays champagne everywhere (Spoiler? C’mon, we all knew he was going to win, right?), again making perfect sense in the context of the partnership. Even the undue screen time given to the world’s most unrealistic pit crew–an impossibly sexy assemblage of women sporting Guetta-emblazoned unitards, leather bustiers, and disco-ball racing helmets–is somehow understandable knowing that this is an Åkerlund joint (he of mini-opuses for Lady Gaga and Madonna).

The video is being distributed on YouTube, which, according to My Love Affair, is why Google+ was the natural channel to announce its release. For viewers looking for more of Guetta’s super-sexy, champagne-soaked, high-speed antics, an interactive version of the video will soon follow. With that experience viewers can place their phones next to their computer screen and footage from the video will extend to that second screen. In the meantime, fans should visit Guetta’s Facebook page for exclusive and behind-the-scenes content.

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