Quote Of The Week: Facing The Edge Of Possibility

What’s the appropriate response to failure?

For Christina Wallace, it meant facing the fate of her startup Quincy Apparel, and then taking three weeks to shut down.

“Then after 21 days of sleeping [and] crying, I put on my big girl pants and rejoined the world,” she said. Wallace went on to become vice president of branding and marketing at the Startup Institute, and is serving as Founding Director of BridgeUp: STEM.

In a collection of spectacular flops and meltdown-tempting struggles, “11 Famous Entrepreneurs Share How They Overcame Their Biggest Failure,” she says:

“I think there is something amazing about trying to do something at the edge of possibility and potentially failing at it.”

Recovering from an ego blow is a different process for everyone, but celebrating “failure for failure’s sake” isn’t right, says Wallace. “Startups are not just what you read in the press. The real story is much more volatile and human, and we do our community a disservice pretending otherwise.”SC