Style On Demand: How StyleSeat CEO Simplified The Search For A Stylist

Melody McCloskey knew that consumers could no longer book style appointments in traditional ways–developing a mobile app for securing a stylist became a new business opportunity.

As a successful mobile entrepreneur, I’m sure you rely on your device(s) to navigate through your day. Tell us about your favorite apps for staying productive.


Yes! Efficiency is really important. On a daily basis I use Uber, Evernote, Invision, Sunrise, HipChat, LinkedIn and Dropbox.

How has your role as an innovator in the mobile / digital space influenced the way in which you interact with employees? Is the new office, no office?

Our HQ is in San Francisco but we also have employees in Chicago, Atlanta and New York, so communication is critical. Our teams use tools like stack overflow, Hipchat, and Google Video Hangouts to stay connected and updated on all initiatives.

What are the most important questions you ask of yourself or your team everyday to work smarter?

We spend a lot of our time figuring out the formulas for how we could do what we’re doing 100x more efficiently. How can we roll out a program in one city so we can roll it out in 20. How can we get 10 people to share their experience with a friend so we can get a million to do the same. Everything is about going slow and figuring out a formula to go fast.

Tell us three items that you cannot live without while traveling for business or taking meetings on the go?


iPhone, so I can catch up on books while in a taxi, and Hipchat so I’m connected to my team.

What inspired you to create an app that matches stylist professionals with customers in need of beauty and wellness treatments?

I wanted it as a consumer! I traveled a lot and wanted a simple way to find the best stylist for what I’m looking for, no matter what city I’m in. We’re all busier than we used to be a few years ago and we need services that help us get more done. StyleSeat also allows for members to book appointments while salons are closed, so we can make appointments at any time for people who might not have the time to book within those hours.

As service-based apps continue to develop, how does StyleSeat break through the clutter and remain an essential time saver for style and beauty service seeking consumers?

We have the largest inventory of instantly book-able services in beauty and style. We provide tremendous value for our professionals and as a result we have a great selection for our consumers. We do and will continue to have the best technology to power connections between our professionals and their clients which will allow us to continue to innovate and outperform our competitors.

Melody is the co-founder and CEO of StyleSeat, the largest online marketplace for booking beauty and wellness services.