JetBlue Wants To Find Out If Free Flights Can Help Humanity

You were just given a free flight to anywhere. Are you instantly picturing yourself in a lounge chair on a pristine beach, heartily managing a steady supply of rum? Or helping to bring school supplies to kids in need?

For Louis Elneus, founder of non-profit Haiti Lumieres De Demain, it’s the latter. (Cue feeling terrible about your whole beach fantasy.) Anyway, Elneus is one of the first four beneficiaries of JetBlue’s new Fly It Forward program that is looking to give a free plane ticket to people with inspirational stories and ambitions. The program, created with agency Mullen, sends one ticket on a never-ending trip around the JetBlue network, aiming to enable people to fulfill a dream, a humanitarian effort or make a meaningful impact on the world.

These initial recipients were found and picked by JetBlue employees, and now the brand is asking people to submit their own nominations for the next people to get the ticket, through the Fly It Forward site and social channels.

So far, the ticket has passed from Chicago to New York with Tameka Lawson, who represented her non-profit I-Grow at a United Nations conference, then New York to Seattle with Teena Katz, who bounced back from a tragic accident, then Seattle back to New York, with artist Peter Robinson, pursuing a painting dream, then New York to Haiti with Mr. Elneus.JB