This Ad Shows Just How Romantic The Internet Of Things Can Be

To some, the Internet of things is the ultimate expression of how technology can make our lives better. Others view it as just the tip of the robot apocalypse iceberg.

Home automation tech brand WeMo and agency CP+B put a romantic spin on the potential of Internetting your stuff and your life with this new ad. Here we meet Rachel, who comes home to a Rube Goldbergian assembly of web-enabled devices–from the stereo and lights to the crock-pot and TV. It’s all an elaborate anniversary gift from her husband Dan who can’t be home for the occasion.

It’s 21st-century romance, right? That said, who knows, maybe Dan’s on a Vegas weekend with the boys and thought he could replace the presence of real human emotion with expensive devices. Either way, who doesn’t love a web-enabled crock-pot?

There’s even a trio of fake making-of videos if you, too, ever want to surprise the love of your life with the gift of absence.JB