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Netflix Characters React To Weather, News In Outdoor GIFs

A new outdoor ad campaign uses images from hit shows tailored to daily circumstances.

If it hasn’t become abundantly clear over the last few years, GIFs are well on their way to replacing the printed word as our preferred mode of non-verbal communication. There is a GIF for any situation. Medical X-rays. Vintage photographs. History of the iPhone. And now, outdoor ads for Netflix.

To launch the streaming service in France, agency Ogilvy Paris created outdoor posters in GIF form so impossibly stylish passersby could enjoy clips of their favorite shows. Not only that, but in addition to a mini-fix of Heisenberg or Piper Chapman, the ads change with their environment. If it’s raining, it might show a clip of a character in the rain and say, “Stuck in the rain at the bus stop? Cozy up to a nice movie on Netflix?”

It’s a fun idea but, let’s be honest, just running this or this GIF with your logo might be just as effective.

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