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Google Moves Into Fitness Market With New Fit App

Google Fit works much like Samsung’s and Apple’s health apps.

Google Moves Into Fitness Market With New Fit App
[Photos: Google]

This week Google joined Samsung and Apple in the fitness app club with the release of Google Fit.

The free app, now available on Google Play, automatically tracks when users are biking, walking, or running using the built-in sensors on Android phones. Users can set their fitness goals and then monitor that information via their phone, the web, tablet and Android Wear devices.

Google Fit will compile data from third-party apps and wearables like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, RunKeeper, and Noom Coach. Graphs and charts visualize a person’s health statistics and track activity and stats such as heart rate, calorie intake, and weight over time.

As Google said in a blog post, “No need to check one app to see your weight and another to review a run – with Google Fit, that data will all be surfaced in one, simple place.”

[h/t: The Guardian]


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