Watch Chris Meloni Squash “Beef” In a New Web Series From “Burning Love” Alumni

Historically, there have always been so many daytime courtroom shows on TV that you could very understandably make a judgement to not watch any of them. A new web series, however, seeks to overrule such objections.

Beef is an improv-packed spoof of courtroom shows from Paramount Digital, which recently gave us web hits Burning Love and The Hotwives Of Orlando. Chris Meloni plays Lou the Butcher, a salt-of-the-streets guy whose neighborhood renown is such that everybody has anointed him as their own personal Judge Judy. When locals have a beef, the plaintiff and defendant go to Lou’s deli, where they meet unorthodox methods like getting locked into a cooler together to cool out.

Created by once and future Statesmen Michael Ian Black and Joe Lo Truglio, along with writer/producer Jonathan Stern Childrens Hospital–all three worked on Burning Love–the show also stars Lo Truglio and Angela Trimbur, with guests like Lizzy Caplan, Thomas Lennon, and Michael Cera.

Beef premieres on 11/11 through VOD platforms like iTunes, but you can watch the trailer now.JB