These Are The Best Movie Death Scenes Ever, As Chosen By 29 Horror Directors

As a promo for horror anthology, “The ABCs of Death 2,” each of the film’s 29 directors has chosen their favorite death scene. Warning: NSFW.

One of the most difficult demands of being a theatrical actor is dying on stage. Most people can draw on life-experience to reasonably emote just about any other situation, but very few of us aboveground folk can approximate what it looks like to be killed. In movies, however, it’s a different story. While some movie deaths actually do require Stanislavski-grade acting, many others involve enough blood-squibs and special effects to render performance beside the point. These are the deaths that magnetize the morbid fascination of horror movie fans.


The ABCs of Death 2 is a horror anthology wherein each letter represents another short film and another grisly way to shed this mortal coil. (We’ve already seen the lone crowdsourced entry, M Is For Mastication, and it is both disgusting and rad.) In order to promote the new film, Drafthouse Films asked the 29 directors involved to pick out their favorite movie death scenes, and the result is like a short, plot-free version of The ABCs itself–a supercut of blood and guts.

Some of these were probably chosen for nostalgic reasons; Leonardo DiCaprio’s sendoff in Titanic or Scar’s death in The Lion King. Some are funny, like the man who turned out to be made of porcelain in spy spoof Top Secret! The crushing of The Terminator is included, for some reason. Of course, many of these deaths were chosen because they are ridiculous and gruesome and the gorehounds among us can’t seem to get enough.

Here’s a list of the movies from which these scenes come:

  1. Contraband
  2. Theatre Of Blood
  3. The Terminator
  4. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
  5. Alien
  6. Once Upon A Time In The West
  7. Hidden (Cache)
  8. Sometimes A Great Notion
  9. Scarface
  10. Men Behind The Sun
  11. King Kong
  12. Blue Velvet
  13. Titanic
  14. House (Hausu)
  15. The Stepfather
  16. Le Trio Inferno
  17. Top Secret
  18. Songs from the Second Floor (Sånger från andra våningen)
  19. The Deer Hunter
  20. Let The Right One In
  21. Death Proof
  22. Suicide Club
  23. Robocop
  24. The Lion King
  25. Shogun Assassin
  26. Jaws
  27. The Dark Knight Rises
  28. The Fury
  29. Hard Core Logo

H/t to JoBlo