A Concept Bathroom Towel Cleaner That Kills Bacteria In Seconds

If you’ve lived with a cramped and airless bathroom, you’ll recognize the problem: towels that don’t dry properly and gradually begin to smell. An ultraviolet light cleaner could one day help.

The concept comes from Leobardo Armenta, a student designer from Mexico. In his vision, the Pure Towel could be fitted to a wall, ringing around a hanging towel. At the push of a button, it would move up and down, sending out light and fan-drying the offending fabric.

It’s one of six finalists in this year’s Electrolux Design Lab challenge. See more in the video here:

“Pure Towel is designed to improve fast paced living, reducing energy consumption and providing a positive impact on people’s health by killing bacteria that cause allergies and respiratory diseases,” Armenta says in his entry.

The device would reduce the need to use traditional washers and dryers, he believes, and help kill off bacteria and allergens.

Other finalists include a lotus flower-shaped air freshener and an outdoor air purifier inspired by jellyfish and Chinese lanterns. The winner is announced November 12.BS