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Jim Carrey Lifts Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln Ad Up Where It Belongs

On the most recent Saturday Night Live, host Jim Carrey recreated Matthew McConaughey’s recent Lincoln ad, and it is a thing of beauty.

It was surprising how seamlessly Matthew McConaughey’s philosophical shtick from True Detective, and also life, translated to a car ad recently, but it was perhaps even more surprising that the actor would even be doing a car ad at all during what is easily the hugest year of his or perhaps any other actor’s career ever. What should come as no surprise to anyone, though, is how handily Jim Carrey captured the spirit of the ad, and McConaughey’s whole thing in general, when he spoofed it on this past weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live.

The elastic-faced actor, who will soon be starring in the sequel Dumb and Dumber To, has McConaughey’s steely stare and Southern drawl down pat, while also playing up his seeming embrace of new-agey mumbo jumbo. Carrey and the SNL writers cooked up a trio of ads that served as a runner throughout the episode, and the breaks between them allowed each one to heighten how out there the McConaughey persona is permitted to get. His contemplative reverie flits from wondering who he is to wondering whose kids are in the back seat to eventually getting into such a deep level of focus on the vicissitudes of life that vehicular homicide becomes a possibility.

The only question left to ask is does Hollywood’s currently most sought-after leading man have enough time in his schedule to create a Dumb and Dumber parody in kind?

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