Fitbit Announces Three New Fitness Wristbands To Help You Get Off Your Butt

Meet the Fitbit Charge, Charge HR, and Surge.

The jury is still out on wearables. But seemingly every week, a multitude of new makes and models springs out of nowhere like fitness-obsessed hydra heads. On Monday, Fitbit announced three new fitness wristbands for data-hungry gym rats, runners, or anyone who wants a little more insight into their workout. They are:


The Fitbit Charge ($130)

The successor to the not-bad Fitbit Force, which was recalled because a small metal component was causing rashes for some users, is the $130 Fitbit Charge. This activity tracker does all the stuff you’ve come to expect from Fitbit: It tracks steps taken, floors climbed, and calories burned, and uses its gyroscopes to assess how well you’re sleeping at night, based on how much you toss and turn. What’s new? The new Charge can show wearers call notifications from a smartphone on its tiny OLED screen. Battery life is a bit better, too: Fitbit claims you’ll be able to get at least seven days of battery life in between charges.

The Fitbit Charge HR ($150)

The Fitbit Charge HR basically does everything the Charge does, with one key difference: It will track your heart rate (hence the HR) 24/7. Apparently, this is accomplished using LED lights to detect blood volume changes from your wrist. The Charge HR is a bit more of a battery hog, though. Wearers will get about five days of battery life compared to the cheaper model.

The Fitbit Surge ($250)

The most smartwatch-y of the bunch, the Surge is wider than both Charge and the Charge HR to make room for a larger, Pebble-like screen, which is touch-controlled. It has heart rate monitoring built into it like the Charge HR, and you can get text notifications and control your phone’s music from the Surge. The most notable feature, though, is the Surge is GPS enabled, which is nice to have if you’re a runner. Maybe you can make some nice penis art. The Surge gets about seven days of battery life in between charges.


The Fitbit Charge goes on sale this November, while the Charge HR and the Surge launch in 2015.

[h/t: Wired]

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