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Watch Casey Neistat’s Google Glass-Delivered Google Glass Review

Filmmaker Casey Neistat takes Google Glass around the world.

Filmmaker Casey Neistat is well known for his dynamic videos documenting his adventures, and for his unorthodox approach to making things like commercials–in 2012, he absconded with the advertising budget that Nike had given him to create commercials for FuelBand. Now Neistat has applied his skills to the gadget review format, releasing a review of his favorite video camera–Google Glass–filmed entirely with Google Glass. Meta much? As Neistat jets from New York to Barcelona to London, he carries a dinky hand-held mirror with him (he also carries a skateboard). Since Glass can only capture the world through the wearer’s eyes, the mirror is how Neistat can actually appear in the video. It’s a clever if utterly silly conceit.

The verdict: he loves the camera and deplores the limited battery life. But mainly, what the video demonstrates is that you can’t go anywhere with Google Glass without every single person noticing and asking about it. The renown filmmaker ceases to exist; the real celebrity is the glasses. Oh, and no matter how hip you think you are, Neistat wants you to know that it’s impossible to look cool in the Google accessory. Socially speaking, he says, wearing the glasses, is on par with riding a Segway.

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