Take A Wintry Holiday From Reality With Sony’s “Ice Bubbles” Ad

Suddenly, the idea of winter approaching doesn’t seem so bad. Sparkly bubbles freezing on contact with the air, forming crystalline patterns, then shattering into a million tiny shards and scattering like glitter.

To create its magical new “Ice Bubbles” ad for the Bravia 4K TV range, Sony and ad agency Adam&EveDDB traveled to Whistler, Canada, a ski resort located in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Average snowfall is 38.5 feet per year at the summit–it’s a very cold place.

Chris Bowsher and Frances Leach, creative duo at Adam&EveDDB explain in the making-of materials they looked at things that behaved differently when they were cold and were fascinated by the natural phenomena of freezing bubbles. They learned that depending on the formulation and consistency of the soaps used for the bubbles, totally different patterns emerged.

While no special effects are used in the ad, apparently, the team, including directors Leila & Damien De Blinkk, did have access to some quite unusual toys to film the floating bubbles as they froze. Natasha Braier, director of photography used a macro lens, the only one of its kind. Cross-polarized lighting was also used, a technique more commonly deployed in microscopic photography.

The music track is Josef Salvat’s cover version of Rhianna’s “Diamonds.”

Sony has long been striving to equal its famous 2005 “Balls” ad, wherein it sent hundreds of thousands of brightly colored balls bouncing down a San Francisco street. Last year, it created a volcanic explosion with an estimated 8 million flower petals, which then blew through a Costa Rican village, which, while impressive, resembled the ball ad just a little too much to surpass it.

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