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“Storytellers,” Innovation Officers, And Drunk Social Media Managers Get The Onion Treatment In Advertising Insider!

It’s just crazy enough to sound real.

Well, they’ve done it again. The people behind The Generic Brand Video hit a homerun of brand-world satire with a spot-on recreation of the worst kind of up-its-own-bum marketing.

Now stock video shop Dissolve has teamed up with the wit of industry spoof Twitter handle Adweak to create this fake advertising news show–Advertising Insider! It’s got “storytellers” (who are really junior copywriters making banner ads) new words like “engagovation,” clients hoping anyone will use a campaign hashtag, and looking for a non-hipster art director in L.A. And of course it’s all made with stock video footage available to you. Yep, even the shot of the purple furry grabbing its crotch.

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Jeff Beer is a staff editor and writer with Co.Create. He's a former staffer at Advertising Age, Creativity and Canadian Business magazine.



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