See The Crazy Things That Were Happening Just Outside The Edges Of Your Favorite Album Covers

You’ve already gotten a glimpse at what’s behind some of the most famous album covers ever, but now you can see what’s beyond them.

The best album covers are the result of meticulous decisions about a representative image that might resonate in buyers’ brains. A new series, however, zooms out of the album cover frame to reveal that some of those images might not have been representing what we thought. For example, we all took it as a given that the point of Nirvana’s iconic Nevermind cover was that we are all literally born into the pursuit of money, never questioning if it’s in our best interests. But what if it’s that concept, and also sharks? (Babies hate sharks.)

Created by UK-based agency Aptitude, the series includes covers from a wide range of styles and eras, including The Beatles, Adele, Blur, and Fatboy Slim. of course, nowadays we see most of our album covers in thumbnail version, so if there was much extra detail beyond what was originally shown, it might get lost in translation.

Have a look through more covers in the slides above.

[h/t to Blame it on The Voices]JB