advertisement Sells For $50,000 To A Marijuana Startup Sells For $50,000 To A Marijuana Startup
[Photo: Flickr user Katheirne Hitt]

It’s the kind of story that could only happen in Las Vegas:, a web domain purchased by speculators in 2008 for $13,500, just sold for $50,000 and a large number of shares in a marijuana startup owned by the former governor of New Mexico. Chris Hood and Jon Schultz, who own a total of 5,000 domain names in their portfolio including, sold the domain to a company named the Weed Growth Fund.

Hood says isn’t even the most profitable domain that he and his partner ever sold. “We’ve had others like and that sold for more,” Hood told the Huffington Post. “People don’t understand what we do. We don’t buy domain names hoping there’s a disaster.”

As part of the agreement, Schultz and Hood received 19,192 shares in Cannabis Sativa, Inc., a marijuana company owned by former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson. Johnson, one of America’s highest-profile activists for decriminalization of marijuana, told the Albuquerque Journal that more research should be conducted into whether cannabis compounds can help fight Ebola. But the answers to Ebola treatment likely lie with drugs that are less profitable than marijuana.