Terror In The Car Wash: Ford Pulls A Spooky Halloween Stunt

When you’re a kid and your parents drive through a car wash, did you ever imagine seeing something? A ghost? A monster? There was something about being trapped inside the car, inside a building, with all the spinning brushes and spraying water that leaves plenty open to the imagination.

This Halloween, Ford decided to tap into that and asked 30 people doing filmed test drives to stop by a car wash on the way to the official start. On the way there, the unsuspecting* people in the car are jabbering on with small talk. But once inside, things change pretty quickly. It’s like a car wash from The Walking Dead.

Filmed at a Detroit car wash with agency The Work, it’s predictably prank funny but a bit of a surprise no one hit the gas or decided to door any of the demons.

*As with all brand pranks, take with a grain of salt how unsuspecting participants are.JB