Today in Tabs: It’s Really About Clarity in Internet Discourse

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Today in Tabs: It’s Really About Clarity in Internet Discourse
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On any normal day, Matt Yglesias calling for Amazon to crush the publishing industry would be one hell of a tab. The Last Apathybender wants lifelike humanoid Jeff Bezos to absorb the four publishing monopoly horsemen in the name of (maybe??) lower e-book prices? Slam dunk lead tab. But if not that, then how about Politico running an article titled “No, BP Didn’t Ruin the Gulf” which was literally written by BP’s senior US press flak Geoff Morrell, on the same day that BP sponsored influence-retailer Mike Allen’s newsletter? Bo no, not today. Because yesterday was the day Gawker apologized to gamergate.


As I mentioned Monday, Gawker’s chief dance critic Sam Biddle upset the tens of emotionally stunted shut-ins who, instead of getting jobs or showering, congregate around the #gamergate hashtag. Biddle suggested that we should bring back bullying to keep their frothing misogyny in check, and in response, the “slopebrowed weaseldicks” of gamergate organized what might be the most successful totally inept campaign of non-advertiser harassment ever, targeting Adobe, which is not even a Gawker sponsor, with complaints about Biddle’s bullying joke. Adobe, apparently confused into action like a lumbering wooly mammoth being driven off a cliff, demanded that Gawker ”remove its logo” from, I don’t know, somewhere? This resulted in Gawker editorial director and diap-lifestyle enthusiast Joel Johnson first issuing an instantly-leaked internal memo and then finally, yesterday, posting a public apology and clarifying that Gawker media does not endorse bullying (which is transparently untrue? But you know what, I don’t even care at this point).

Gawker famously doesn’t apologize. Sarah Jeong pointed out that they never apologized for calling Suey Park a gook in the title of a Deadspin article. They certainly never apologized for an article that many thought made light of sex slavery in WW2 Japan. But that was then! Those were women and Asians! Now we get the spectacle of Nick Denton himself asserting in all apparent earnestness that “public discussion on the internet demands a higher standard of clarity.” To his credit, EIC Max Read almost immediately posted his own view that Gawker had been “rolled by the dishonest fascists of Gamergate,” which is the only non-bullshit thing I saw anyone in authority at Gawker say yesterday, so thumbs-up-emoji for that. And if nothing else here moved you, this whole debacle made me agree with Freddie deBoer, which is just unforgivable.

Uniques were way up though.

After taking their money and uncritically promoting them for years, Sarah Lacy has recently turned on her friends and investors in the VC community. I’m sure that will really make waves. Bloomberg hires a white man, finally. Internet garbage hole profiled in the Post; villain upset. Satellite typography is cool. IRL emoji are unsettling, at best. How to trap a cat. A whole bunch of GIFs from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Me IRL.

Also me IRL

Remember, Bijan is still not allowed to make it Whatchoo got, sweater man?


The New York Review of Books published its inaugural issue in 1963, during a printer’s strike that forced most other papers of the time (including the New York Times) to suspend publication. Since then, they’ve continued to publish the unconsciously erudite, thoughtful pieces that have earned them a certain stuffy reputation.

In spite of this, the NYRB has done some out-of-character stuff (or maybe this is really what they’re like?). I mean, they once partnered with spiritual leftist successor n+1 to trade personal ads, presumably to foster exchange of ideas between generations. These days, it looks like they’re necking with Vice.

Like hope, love apparently springs eternal between the young and old. In Tabs, too. Right, Rusty?

Let’s not say “love.” Let’s say… “reluctant tolerance.” Reluctant tolerance springs eternal. BTW nice job including a self-tab but still not making it about you. You might have a future in this game yet.


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~In spite of everything I still believe that tabs are really good at heart.~

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