Least Creative Thing Of The Week: Some Villain Did Paintings All Over Our National Parks

The world is nobody’s canvas. Theoretically, sure, but as far as the actual, physical Earth goes; it should only serve as muse, and possibly benefactor for your orange-peel fresco or whatever. Of course, some bonehead will always feel the need to slather their vision across God’s creation, and in one recent case, not since the Ecce Homo debacle of 2012 has someone’s misguided faith in their artistic calling led to such a travesty.


As Modern Hiker reports, a woman named Casey Nocket visited the West Coast recently and left quite a mark on the turf. Her travels took her to Death Valley’s Telescope Peak, Yosemite National Park, Crater Lake National Park, and other locations–and at each one, she left behind acrylic paintings of women’s faces and assorted foofaraw. This is not okay.

Nocket has posted pictures of her travels under the perfectly accurate moniker “Creepytings” on Instagram, although as of October 21, her account has been set to private. The probable reason for this change is that word has swiftly spread about her undertaking, which most certainly qualifies as felony vandalism. We include her photos not to celebrate the, uh, art, as it were, but rather to draw attention to how this adornment looks unnecessary at best, and a punch in Mother Earth’s face at worst. Have a peek at a sterling example of what definitely not to do with your time on this planet in the slides above.JB