Gender Equality, Getting What You Want, And Office Dogs: This Week’s Most Popular Leadership Stories

Sit down with some green tea and your pup to read this week’s top stories.

This week went to the dogs with Pet Week stories, but we still managed to discuss important issues like the fine art of the counteroffer, healthy productivity hacks, and the male role in gender equality.


Here are the stories you loved in Leadership, for the week of October 20.

5 Habits Of People Who Always Get What They Want

Leave the negotiating tricks and persuasion tactics behind. People who get what they want know how to connect with the person across the table and at the other end of the handshake. Proceed with kindness, and be open to connection.

11 Famous Companies With Enviable Pet-Friendly Policies

With a happy puppy in your lap, how can you stay stressed? These companies have gone to the dogs, including a Pointer with a Google key card, and a Pomeranian with his own blog.

9 Steps To Being A Better Boss

Lead like a boss with these tips on knowing your team better, and knowing when to fire effectively. Just don’t go around shoving your “#1 Boss” mug in people’s faces.

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Brain Before Lunch

Before lunch, your thoughts are wandering to the falafel cart. After, you’re dozing off. Try these foods, teas, and simple routine-hacks in the morning for a more productive day.

5 Practical Things Men Can Do For Gender Equality At Work

“We will never reach equality with only one gender putting forth all the effort,” asserts Leadership Editor Kathleen Davis. If you want to be a part of bringing about real change towards a more equitable workplace for everyone, there’s a lot of work to be done. Here are are five places to start.


Your Definitive Argument For A Pet Friendly Office

Dying to bring your perfectly polite pet into work with you? Take this list to your boss–it’s hard to argue with improved company culture, lower stress, boosts in creativity and connection with the consumer.