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Now You Can Build Your Own Mercedes On Instagram

The carmaker takes advantage of profile links to bring its tool to the selfie-loving masses.

Now You Can Build Your Own Mercedes On Instagram

People like things to be custom-made. Bespoke. Tailored. It’s why we all were suddenly and inexplicably being asked how we’d like our burger cooked. Off-the-rack is for suckers, right? Okay, it’s for most of us, but still, people like to make things their own. It’s why we have laptop stickers.

One of the coolest things to customize is a car. Especially a car you can’t afford right now (or ever). Online you can forget about your Corolla and take the time to seriously ponder whether you want that Rolls in “Silver Haze” or “Twilight Purple.”

But customization obviously isn’t just for lottery fantasy car-shopping on a random Thursday morning. It’s a significant tool for any brand hoping to turn curiosity into real consideration. Now to launch its new GLA small SUV, Mercedes-Benz isn’t waiting for people to come to its site, its brought the car builder tool to Instagram.

Built by agency Razorfish, the builder takes advantage of Instagram’s linking capability, using hundreds of linked accounts and thousands of images to let you pick the color, wheels, roof and grill of your potential new ride.

Mercedes-Benz USA GM of marketing Eric Jillard says the new model is targeted at a younger, more urban audience and this is the perfect place to get their attention. “People who go through a build your own tool are more likely to consider a purchase more seriously,” says Jillard. “So we thought, if we can’t get you to the Mercedes site to experience that tool, why not bring it to the platform you are using? And this audience is spending a lot of time on Instagram.”

The brand is spending plenty of time there, too. Jillard says it’s become the place Mercedes launches new cars in digital. “Mercedes has a history of iconic design so we think a platform that’s all about visual imagery is a perfect fit,” he says. “It’s just a great place to tell visual stories and find people who are inspired and excited by style and design.”

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